Website Design & Maintenance

for Beeville, Texas and surrounding towns.

New websites and redesign of existing websites - $135 per page.
Will re-work design up to 3 times in the first 45 days.

Website service updates - $35 per hour (1 hour minimum)

All content (text, images, and video) are to be provided by the client.
Access to site hosting account will be needed.
Prices are estimates depending on complexity.

Custom Web Design & Development Services Include

A detailed consultation about your online goals and objectives. Integration with new or existing web sites.

Compatibility is provided for:

Systems that are browser challenged.
Smart phone compatibilities are the default.

Other Services

JavaScript Programming

DSL Setup - Maintenance
Router, Switch Setup

Network and Telephony Wire Installation - Maintenance

For Fun

Pool Maintenance
Home Maintenance
Garden, Yard, Fence Installation - Maintenance

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