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English Typography

Use the proper English characters instead of their misused equivalents.


(“) “ opening quote (instead of " )

(”) ” closing quote (instead of " )


(’) ’ apostrophe (instead of ' )

Dashes and Hyphens

(– or –) – or – en dash, used for ranges, e.g. “13–15 November” (instead of - )

(— or —) — or — em dash, used for change of thought, e.g.

“Star Wars is—as everyone knows—amazing.” (instead of -, or -- )


(… or …) … or … horizontal ellipsis, used to indicate an omission or a pause (instead of ... )

Getting Started with Apple Web Development

<!-- -->
<meta name="apple-mobile-web-app-capable" content="yes">
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width">
<link rel="apple-touch-icon" href="icons/48x.png">
<link rel="apple-touch-startup-image" href="images/loading.png">

Font Families

Safe Choices:

font-family: Verdana, Helvetica, 'Courier New', Courier, Georgia, Times;
          PC     —     MAC
Arial or VerdanaHelvetica
'Courier New'Courier,
Georgia or 'Times New Roman'Times

These 12 fonts are installed on both PC and MAC and are considered as safe:
arial, arial black, comic sans ms, courier, courier new, georgia, helvetica, impact, palatino, times new roman, trebuchet ms, and verdana

#1 Ink Saving Font:  Century Gothic

More Fonts:

academy engraved let, algerian, amaze, arial, arial black, balthazar, bankgothic lt bt, bart, bimini, comic sans ms, book antiqua, bookman old style, braggadocio, britannic bold, brush script mt, century gothic, century schoolbook, chasm, chicago, colonna mt, comic sans ms, commercialscript bt, coolsville, courier, courier new, cursive, dayton, desdemona, fantasy, flat brush, footlight mt light, futurablack bt, futuralight bt, garamond, gaze, geneva, georgia, geotype tt (*above: Geotype TT), helterskelter, helvetica, herman, highlight let, impact, jester, joan, john handy let, jokerman let, kelt, kids, kino mt, la bamba let, lithograph, lucida console, map symbols, marlett (*above: Marlett), matteroffact, matisse itc, matura mt script capitals, mekanik let (*above: mekanik let), monaco, monospace, monotype sorts, ms linedraw, new york, olddreadfulno7 bt (*above: OldDreadfulNo7 BT), orange let, palatino, playbill, pump demi bold let, puppylike, roland, sans-serif, scripts, scruff let, serif, short hand, signs normal (*above: Signs Normal), simplex, simpson, stylus bt, superfrench, surfer, swis721 bt, swis721 blkoul bt, symap (*above: Symap), symbol(*above: symbol), tahoma, technic, tempus sans itc, terk, times, times new roman, trebuchet ms, trendy, txt, verdana, victorian let, vineta bt, vivian, webdings (*above: Webdings), wingdings (*above: Wingdings), western, westminster, westwood let (*above: Westwood LET), wide latin, zapfellipt bt,

Memo:  Work Attire


  1. No headbands, bandanas or doo rags shall be worn as sole headgear. If worn as a device to absorb perspiration a billed cap or hat must conceal them.
  2. No tank-tops or shirts with the sleeve cut off. All shirts will be sleeved and be of length that will conceal the midriff.
  3. Pants should be of a material that is conducive to the outside technician environment and in a general good condition (no holes or tears). No pants with print (cow, zebra, cameo, etc).
  4. No clothing shall contain printed material other than that for the company. Caps or hats may be the exception to the extent that it does not offend our customers or tarnish the image of the company.
  5. Footwear will be of a leather or man-made material that totally encloses the foot. The shoe or boot should have a one inch or better heal that is squared off and appropriate for climbing poles by means of hooks or ladders. No tennis shoes will be allowed.