Windell (Gene) Dumas started web development in 1998.
The computer language of choice has become JavaScript.

Web page development, page or site setup and updates. Routers, DSL modems and switches setup and diagnosing connection. Ethernet networks and telephony cable or wire installation and repair. Computers built to serve your computing requirements. Computer hardware updates and replacements. Software installation, diagnosing and related support. Knowledge with Windows, and Linux Operating systems. Beginning Web Apps for smartphones and ipads to use online or offline.

Career Experience

Started with Southwestern Bell Telephone March 1976 and Retired from AT&T 17 Dec 2010.
Titles held:  Customer Service Technician – Core Installation & Maintenance, Cable Splicer, Lineman.
The last two plus years included installation, maintenance and repair of DSL equipment (modems, routers) and the DSL lines.
The career consisted of working mainly with outside telephone plant facilities. The duties performed included:  splicing cable and terminals, making rearrangements, inspecting contract workers, drop recon, outside and inside installation and repair, linework, analyzed support records, created reports, and etc. These duties required working on your own or in a team environment. The career included functioning in management positions for special projects. Carried out various assignments for fact-finding and/or completion of projects. Computer programs were developed in the C language, dBase III+ and Clipper for billing, inventory management, and record storage.

Programming Experience

Programming Languages: BASIC (1983), Turbo Pascal, COBOL, MS-DOS Batch, dBASE III Plus (1985), Lotus 123 Macros, Procomm Script, the C Language, Clipper (1991), HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Developed first website for Internet in 1998.

Computer Hardware and Software Knowledge

NOW negotiating with Linux, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and iOS5.

DSL modems, Routers, Switches
DIY PC Builds
Windows 98, XP, Win7, Win8, Linux, FreeNAS
Todays' Software
Windows:  Excel, Word, SharePoint Designer (FrontPage), Access
Linux:  LibreOffice (OpenOffice) Writer, Calc, BlueFish Editor, Gimp Graphic
UNIX minicomputer
Multiplan, VI, and Shell Language (1987).
IBM 370 type VM/SP OS CMS System (1990's)
COBOL, Assembly Language, SQL Database, and REXX (90's).
HP 3000
COBOL and the IMAGE Database system
MS-DOS software packages
Communication programs, word processors, text editors, graphic programs, spreadsheets, etc

Experience with an IBM 370 type VM/SP OS CMS System using COBOL, Assembly Language, SQL Database, and REXX. Experience with an HP 3000 using COBOL and the IMAGE Database system. Operated a minicomputer running UNIX using Multiplan, VI, and Shell Language. Operated mainframe software via VTAM and a modem. Operated numerous MS-DOS software packages including communication programs, word processors, text editors, graphic programs, spreadsheets, etc. My first IBM PC clone was a Tandy 1000 (1984).

Career Training

AT&T DSL School; Dallas Aug 2008;

Fiber Optics with Fusion Splicing; Fall 2006, Victoria, TX; Nashville State Community College thru The Sage Group;

Certified Fiber Optics Technician Course; Jan 2005, Beeville, TX, BDI DataLynk, Bob Ballard;

Electronics; The Texas Engineering Extension Service, Victoria, TX Jan 1994 - Feb 1995, 21.6 CEU, 216 hours;

Berger Aptitude Programing Test (BAPT); Houston August 20, 1986;

Basic Splicing; Dallas October 10 – 20, 1983;

Lineman School; Houston April 14 – 25, 1980;

Basic Installation and OJT; Corpus Christi, Weekends March 13, 1976 – May 20, 1976


University of Houston-Victoria, Victoria, TX; 1985, 1992 – Jun 1993, Computer Science Concentration;

Corpus Christi State University; Fall 1990 – 1992, Computer Science Concentration;

Coastal Bend College (Bee County College), Beeville, TX; 1976, December 1989, Associate in Science, Computer Science Concentration;

Kilgore College, Kilgore, TX; Sept 1966 – Dec 1968, Agricultural Engineering Concentration;

White Oak High School, White Oak, TX; May 1966 Graduated with Diploma;